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How to block facebook in Mikrotik using L7 Protocols

In this tutorial, I will show you, how to block facebook or some others website, using Layer 7 Protocol. Let’s begin: 1.Block facebook website for everyone on local network Check the IP address of our client Next step is to to create new Regexp rule at Layer7 Protocols for blocking facebook in local network. Enter the […]
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Zentyal: Block HTTPS Facebook

For blocking https facebook trafic, follow the next steps: Create HTTPS service * Network -> Services * Add New -> Service name: HTTPS * Click Add * Click “Configuration” Button * Add New – Protocol : TCP/UDP – Source Port: ANY – Destination Port: 443 * Click Add Create Facebook Object * Network -> Objects […]
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Servere DNS România: RDS, Romtelecom, UPC, Vodafone, Orange

Iata si lista cu DNS-urile celor mai importanti furnizori de servicii de internet din Romania: RDS (RCS&RDS) – dns1.rdsnet.ro – dns2.rdsnet.ro Romtelecom – ns1.romtelecom.net – ns2.romtelecom.net – ns3.romtelecom.net – ns4.romtelecom.net UPC (Astral/Kappa) – ns0.kappa.ro – ns1.kappa.ro – ns1.astral.ro – ns2.astral.ro – ns3.astral.ro – […]
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Mikrotik: Setting Up Remote Winbox Access

If you want to access Mikrotik remotely, you need to make the following changes in the Routerboard Winbox set up: Select IP – Firewall, and Filter Rules. Click the + to add a new rule. Change Chain to input. Change Protocol to TCP. Change Dst. Port to 8291. On the Action tab and make sure Action is […]
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Port Forward in Mikrotik Router

If  you have a DVR that has a static IP of, and you need to forward port 3999, follow the next steps, using Winbox: Go to IP -> Firewall -> NAT Click the “+” to add a new NAT rule. Modify the “Chain” to “dstnat”, “Protocol” to “tcp”, and “Dst. Port” to “3999”. Set the “In. […]
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Brother HL5250DN All lights are blinking

To solve this problem follow the next steps: 1. Power Unit off 2. Open front cover 3. Press and hold GO and turn power on 4. When all 3 lights lit release and press GO twice 5. All lights turn solid 6. With all solid, press GO 5 times 7. Ready light GOes red 8. […]
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Schimbare cota TVA casa de marcat Datecs DP-50D

Mai jos aveti pasii pentru a schimba cota de TVA pentru o casa de marcat Datecs DP-50D: se scoate raportul zilnic Z; ON – 4 – 30 – Total – 2 – STL – %+ de 6 ori pana apare valoarea cotei de 24.00; se tasteaza 2000 – Total – PLC – 0. Dupa validarea […]
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Windows 8 Failed to Start – Status: 0xc000014c

Se da urmatoarea eroare la Windows 8: Windows 8 Failed to Start – Status: 0xc000014c Pentru a o rezolva bootati de pe un cd cu Linux sau puteti folosi HBCD unde aveti Mini Windows XP sau ceva de genul. Imediat ce intrati in Windows / Linux mergeti in directorul Windows => System32 => Config. Aici […]
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